Watch This Shirtless Male Pole Dancer in Stilettos Wow Judges on ‘Israel’s Got Talent’

Watch This Shirtless Male Pole Dancer in Stilettos Wow Judges on ‘Israel’s Got Talent’

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Niv Gradus wowed the crowd and judges on Israel’s Got Talent with a high-flying pole dance act, wearing nothing but black tights and high stiletto heels.

Set to the song “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls, Grados’ performance showed his impressive pole dancing skills, insane flexibility and muscle strength. Easily lifting himself up to new heights with his muscles, the best part of his performance comes at 1:45 when he does a split on the pole.

The judges all seemed super impressed with his high flying act. But one of the judges got real emotional with her words on his performance. She said:

You just flew there like a bird. You’re like… I saw… a man, a child who is fulfilling his dream and doesn’t give a fuck about what other people are saying and who doesn’t care about what society thinks. And to get to that place where you’re complacent with yourself. Beyond that you are an artisan. You’re like a swan. You’re so beautiful from the inside and outside and elegant that I don’t see in the most feminine woman and in the most manly man.

She then spoke to Gradus’ mother who was in the audience with this sister. “You can today be with the most proud, pounding heart for your son.”

The next judge spoke, who broke down with tears while she tried praising his performance:  “What I most admired and I know how hard it is,” she stammered. “How hard it is when you’re doing what you love and been criticized for it on the most difficult level there is. And how difficult it is to keep doing it despite what people say and this touched me madly and this….”

Next, she slammed the coveted Golden Buzzer, which automatically sent Gradus to the finals of Israel’s Got Talent.

Watch the high flying act from Israel’s Got Talent right here:

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