Girl Goes On Crazed Rant After ‘Sassy Fag’ Kicks Her Off Southwest Flight

Girl Goes On Crazed Rant After ‘Sassy Fag’ Kicks Her Off Southwest Flight

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Known as “Italian Barbie” online, a 25-year-old woman posted her massive homophobic meltdown on Twitter and Periscope after being kicked-off a Southwest flight.

“Because he’s gay and he’s all like sassy,” Vanessa Grancagnolo screams. “I am sorry my energy way better, greater than yours. Sassy fag. Sassy fag. Story of my life. 60,000 people are watching you. Where is my mom?”

The altercation happened sometime last month. Grancagnolo was initially asked not to use curse words after calling her stepfather a dick on the phone before the flight took off. After being asked to curb her foul language on the flight, she gets into a fight with the flight attendant who then kicks her off.

Grancagnolo continues, “Gay guy… he can’t deal with a girly girl. Greg, emotionally and vocally assaulted me. And physically assaulted me.”

Grancagnolo also makes fun of the mentally disabled and tells the flight attendant she hopes his flight crashes.

This isn’t the first time Italian Barbie has freaked out at an airport.

The saddest thing about this whole mess, this isn’t the first time Italian Barbie has made headlines for her disgusting behavior.

Back in March, Grancagnolo had another online meltdown after being charged $105 for a bag on Spirit Airlines.

‘You either give me a refund of the unnecessary charges or I am not leaving. I would like a refund now! I would like a refund now!’ she says. ‘I paid an extra $55 on top of another $50 online.’

Never once using the word please, she says: ‘Do something to me bitch!’

“I would like a refund now! I would like a refund now!” Grancagnolo aggressively says. “I’m 25 and I’m a grown-ass woman, and I need a refund now!”

She also shouts homophobic slurs during this rant, too. At bystanders, she screams, “You probably get fucked in the ass! Are you guys gay with each other? Called it! Mother-fucking fags!”

Yikes. We know flying commercial sucks, but it’s not that bad. Maybe next time, Grancagnolo should just take the bus.

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