Italian Court Separates ‘Effeminate’ Boy From His Supportive Mother

Italian Court Separates ‘Effeminate’ Boy From His Supportive Mother

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An Italian mother is appealing a recent ruling from a Venice court of minors requiring her son to be separated from her 12 hours a day. The case began when the mom refused to let her son see his father over claims of sexual abuse. When a social worker looked into it, they found that the boy had an antagonistic attitude towards his dad, was strongly bonded with his mom, had “difficulty of sexual identification” and acted in “aggressive, provocative, [and] rude” ways towards adults and peers.

During the trial, lawyers called the boy “effeminate in a provocative way” adding that he “tries in every way to show that he is different” and mentioning that he attended school in eyeshadow, painted nails and facial glitter. The mother says that he wore the makeup only once during a third grade Halloween party.

All the same, the court decided that the boy had a “personality disorder” from having “almost exclusively female role models” and, after saying that both parents had failed in their responsibilities, ruled that the boy must spend 12 hours a day in a “youth community” away from his mom.

The court contends that the ruling has nothing to do with the boy’s gender expression or sexual orientation, rather they want to give him “a space to enable him to meet his thoughts and desires”), but the mother’s lawyer worries that the community will reject her gay son and that separating him from his mother’s supportive influence may make him suicidal.

The mother has vowed to appeal at a hearing next Tuesday.

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