Italy Refuses To Renew Man’s Driver’s License Because He’s Gay

Italy Refuses To Renew Man’s Driver’s License Because He’s Gay

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28-year-old Cristian Friscina was refused the opportunity to renew his driver’s license in Brindisi, Italy because authorities decided “He suffers from serious diseases that could be an impediment to safe driving.”

The “serious disease” in question? Friscina is gay. The Italian equivalent of the DMV went on the record saying, “In psychophysical terms [being gay] is “not ideal to have a driving license.”

Italian authorities are clearly seeing something we are missing here. How exactly does one’s homosexuality impede their motor skills? Is the DMV worried that Friscina will be too busy slapping penises away from his face to maintain proper 10-and-2 hand placement on the steering wheel?

Here’s hoping that those responsible for the immensely discriminatory decision to keep gays off the road will also be seeing something else that we don’t soon – a lawsuit.

Via El Mundo

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