Death Grip, Masturbate
Death Grip, Masturbate

It’s Time To Let Go Of Penis Death Grip Syndrome

The term ‘Death Grip’ should never be associated with a penis but according to our always trustworthy friend, the internet, it’s when you choke the chicken so often that it’s difficult to ejaculate. It even has its very own Urban Dictionary entry:

Death Grip Syndrome: A condition in which frequent masturbation by hand desensitizes the nerves in the cock, thus lessening the pleasure of jerking off. The best cure for Death Grip Syndrome is a Fleshlight!

by The Jizz Wiz March 13, 2010

In case you were wondering, The Jizz Wiz is probably not a practicing doctor. That’s the problem with Death Grip Syndrome, it’s one of those internet ideas that has yet to be proven with any scientific backing, but people still take it seriously — just check out the website The website tells you what to do, how to seek help and even which Fleshlight is best for you but they do provide a small disclaimer:

“Death Grip Syndrome” is not a recognized medical condition and the ideas presented here are not meant to be and do not constitute medical advice. It is only based on personal experience. Results may vary. Problems enjoying sexual pleasure may have many causes. Especially if you are experiencing difficulty maintaining an erection in in addition to trouble reaching an orgasm, be sure to consider any health, stress, or relationship factors that may be affecting you. Even slightly elevated blood pressure can have substantial effects on your sexual performance and health. Seek medical help from your doctor.

Although Death Grip Syndrome isn’t a real medical syndrome ( is little more than a site for selling jerk-off toys), penile desensitization can effect males between the ages of 13 and 23. In 2003, sex advice columnist Dan Savage even gave advice to a teenager to vary his self-pleasuring style in order to maintain his sensitivity.

Even without Death Grip Syndrome, there’s a number of reasons someone might have difficulty ejaculating, according to Dr. Richard Santucci, Chief of Urology at Detroit Recieving’s Center for Urologic Reconstruction. He told VICE that men suffering from delayed ejaculation should possibly consider “diabetes, medications, low testosterone, anxiety, all that other stuff.”

If you’re a perfectly healthy, able bodied man with none of the problems listed above then, according to Savage, “maybe that’s just the way your dick works.”

(featured image via Michael Coghlan)

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