Ivanka Trump sued
Ivanka Trump sued

Ivanka Trump Is Being Sued for Having an ‘Unfair Advantage’ Due to Her Powerful Dad

Ivanka Trump’s had a rough year. She got yelled at on a plane, retailers dropped her flagging clothing line and now she’s being sued.

Why? The lawsuit, filed by Modern Appealing Clothing in San Francisco, says that Ivanka Trump Marks, LLC had an unfair advantage “from Donald J. Trump being the President of the United States and from Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared, working for the President of the United States.”

The suit might have a point. Ivanka’s business ventures have benefited immensely from having a rich and powerful daddy. Her company had a spike in sales after her father whined about Nordstrom on Twitter and Kellyanne Conway ordered the nation to buy the products at a White House press conference.

One thing’s for sure, though: Ivanka’s becoming more like her father every day. He’s been sued dozens of times in the past two months.

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