J. Crew’s Gay Designer + Boyfriend = ‘Happy Together’

J. Crew’s Gay Designer + Boyfriend = ‘Happy Together’

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J. Crew continues to surprise people who are really, really, really easily surprised (Re: not gay blog readers) with their inclusion of a gay employee and his boyfriend in the clothier’s May 2011 catalogue.

The campaign features several of the company’s employees modeling JCrew fashions along with their families, partners, and pals. Here’s the “shocking” photo in question.

Somsack and Micah, scourge of the the conservative underworld, look pretty dapper and cute to us. Nice work, fellas.

All of this is noteworthy of course, because the world freaked the hell out after a J. Crew employee painted her son’s toenails pink in a company photoshoot last month. And yes, we feel just as ridiculous typing that out as everyone who was bothered by the image hopefully feels a few weeks later in retrospect.

In any case, we think J. Crew’s continued featuring of all types of their employees is fantastic. Why shouldn’t a company where gay men proudly contribute (Shout out, Nick Jones!) let the world know? Keep up the good work, J. Crew!

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