Everyone Assumed This ‘X-Factor UK’ Star Was Gay, So He’s Coming Out … As Straight

Everyone Assumed This ‘X-Factor UK’ Star Was Gay, So He’s Coming Out … As Straight

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A musical duo out of the United Kingdom was just eliminated from The X-Factor there. Jack Remington and Joel Fishel go by the name Jack and Joel. After studying together at Oxford University, the pair decided to start performing in tandem when they realized their voices sounded great together.

After last week’s George Michael episode of The X-Factor, Jack and Joel were shown the door. But their elimination isn’t what’s making news. Instead, everyone’s talking about Joel just coming out in a new interview with The Sun…. not as gay, but as straight.

Everyone, including his own mother, assumed that the 22-year-old musician was gay. Joel admits, “I come across as very camp and effeminate. I’m completely comfortable in my own skin and that’s part of my identity, which is great.”

He revealed that his mother thought he was in a romantic relationship with fellow singer and best friend Jack at first.

Joel explained, “Everyone just presumes I’m gay and that me and Jack are a couple. But I’m straight…”

“Even my mum sort of asked me one time. She kind of said to me that, ‘If you’re gay you know that would be OK, don’t you?’”

Jack Remington (right) and Joel Fishel (left)

Jack, who is gay, and Joel often share a bed together in hotels when they travel, but just to save money.

Joel explains, “I’ve never done anything with another guy. That’s just who I am, but I’m comfortable with my sexuality.”

“It’s ironic because it’s almost like I have to come out as straight.”

But he doesn’t think that some people assuming he’s gay has hurt his chances in the heterosexual dating pool.

“I don’t think it has ruined my chances with women,” he says.

Jack adds, “He does very well for himself…. He’s a ladies’ man and he’s fine with that.”

Watch Jack and Joel’s X-Factor UK audition here:

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