Let Brit Comedian Jack Whitehall Fill You In on His Recent ‘Dick Pic’ Scandal

Let Brit Comedian Jack Whitehall Fill You In on His Recent ‘Dick Pic’ Scandal

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When a friend told 29-year-old British comedian Jack Whitehall that a picture of his penis was circulating online, Whitehall immediately freaked out. “Wait, this can’t be happening,” he thought, “because I’ve never taken a photograph of my junk in my life.” Whitehall recently shared his mysterious story of the Jack Whitehall dick pic with late-night talk show host James Corden.

Whitehall says he called his agent, saying, “We need to shut this down. Get a lawyer and make it go away. This is fake news! Just stop it from happening!”

After he hung up the phone, however, the friend who had told him about the Jack Whitehall dick pic sent him a link. Curious, Whitehall clicked on the link and took a look.

“I clicked on it. It came up on my screen. One hundred percent not a picture of me,” he tells Corden. “But it was the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen. It was unbelievable. It was like long and tan, it looked like Aslan’s tail — a beautiful, magical thing!”

(Aslan is the magical, Christ-like lion from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia fantasy series.)

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So the agent called him back and asked him what he wanted to do. Impressed with what he saw, Whitehall replied, “Let’s just leave it. Let’s just leave it.”

Curious to see the (not real) Jack Whitehall dick pic? Here it is.


Watch the segment on the Jack Whitehall dick pic here:

James Corden certainly isn’t shy about having his male guests talk about their penises. Earlier this year he had openly gay actor Andrew Rannells talk about the time that he wore a “cock sock” during a nude scene in Lena Dunham’s HBO’s comedy series Girls.

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Rannells explained that male actors have to put their penis and testicles into the sock because, “What would be the point of just covering your penis and leaving your balls out?”

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