Jackie Beat Calls Out Roseanne’s Support for Trump: ‘I’m Convinced I’m Being Punk’d’

Jackie Beat Calls Out Roseanne’s Support for Trump: ‘I’m Convinced I’m Being Punk’d’

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Probably one of the most head-scratching and annoying people to have come out as a Trump supporter is Roseanne Barr. We thought after one year of Trump’s horrible tenure as president and the reboot of her series only a few months away, she would have backed off her MAGA platform. But no, she resurfaced last week with some more crazy claims, reinforcing her support for Trump as stronger than ever. But a Jackie Beat Roseanne feud is brewing over Roseanne’s inexplicable support of Trump.

“Trump is fighting pedophiles and he likes Jews — that infuriates some people,” she tweeted. “Let’s help to awaken our leftist brothers and sisters about child sex trafficking in America and the world, and how our @POTUS is battling it like no president before him. Send links, thanks!”

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Los Angeles based drag legend Jackie Beat has a long history working with Barr. After Barr saw her in a show at a gay bar many years ago, Beat appeared in her HBO comedy special and wrote for her Roast on Comedy Central, amongst other projects.

But Beat, who is extremely vocal against Trump on social media, revealed that she’s been holding out for her old friend and boss, articulating confusion and frustration felt by many of her fans.

“I’m going to be completely honest, she wrote on Twitter. “The only reason I haven’t told @therealroseanne to fuck off is because I simply cannot believe that she actually supports @realDonaldTrump. I’m convinced I’m being punk’d. It makes absolutely no sense so my brain is all like “DOES NOT COMPUTE.”

Roseanne Barr blocked Jackie Beat after that tweet was sent.

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But Beat doesn’t seem too upset. She doubled down in another tweet: “It’s this simple: If you support @realDonaldTrump you are either evil, stupid or crazy. And frankly, I don’t have the time or energy for any of those things. So, have a nice life. It’s called a DEAL BREAKER and, news flash, I am the proud owner of a fucking spine.”

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