Angry Conservatives Force School to Dump Book That Will ‘Make You Trans’

Angry Conservatives Force School to Dump Book That Will ‘Make You Trans’

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Conservative outrage forced North Carolina educators to drop a book about a boy who likes wearing a dress from the curriculum.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools originally chose the book Jacob’s New Dress to be part of the anti-bullying program for first-graders. But after a teacher complained to state lawmakers, conservatives freaked out.

The Charlotte Observer writes:

“The purpose of our elementary schools is to teach writing, reading and arithmetic, not to encourage boys to wear dresses,” Tami Fitzgerald of the North Carolina Values Coalition said Tuesday. “These lessons found in the Jacob’s New Dress and My Princess Boy and other transgender curriculum are not appropriate for any child whose parents support traditional family values.”

Within hours of articles being posted about the latest flap, the Values Coalition sent a fund-raising email depicting the CMS logo in rainbow colors, urging supporters to email the school board and “put a stop to this privacy-invading political correctness.”

After that, the school dropped Jacob’s New Dress from the curriculum. Instead they’re using Red: A Crayon’s Story about a crayon labeled red who’s really blue deep down.

Author Sarah Hoffman, who wrote the book with her husband Ian, thinks the controversy is absurd. She told the Observer, “The idea that a book can turn someone gay or transgender is bizarre to us. Reading a book can’t turn you gay.”

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