Jake Shears Has Just Announced His Debut Memoir, ‘Boys Keep Swinging’

Jake Shears Has Just Announced His Debut Memoir, ‘Boys Keep Swinging’

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There’s a reason Jake Shears is one of our very favorite celebrities. Not only has he made a ton of great music with Scissor Sisters, but he’s coming to Broadway, he’s working on a solo album … and he looks great in underwear. And if that weren’t enough, there’s a new Jake Shears book coming. That’s right — his memoir, Boys Keep Swinging, is coming out next February!

Shears announced the book in a Facebook post today. He wrote:

Dear friends and fam… I’ve written a book!! It’s a memoir called “Boys Keep Swinging.” I’ve been working on it for years and I’m thrilled to finally share it with you.

As many of you know, I’m a big reader. Books are one of the most important things in my life and writing one has always been a dream of mine. Creating this thing was a wild, intense ride, and has proved difficult to stop tinkering with it. I think similar to an album, these things never feel actually finished until the day you announce it to the world. Well, it’s officially done now and I’m immensely proud of it. You can pre-order it at the link, or where any books are sold. Thanks for being there all these years. I promise 2018 is going to be worth the wait. 

Sincerely, Jake

Shears also shared the cover of the book, and it’s great. The glam-inspired look definitely earns its Bowie-inspired title.

Boys Keep Swinging will focus on Shears’ early days. The book follows his youth in the Seattle area, his move to New York City and the rise of Scissor Sisters.

The official site for the Jake Shears book also features an excerpt from the beginning. He describes his birth with the gift of language that makes his lyrics so engaging:

I was born a showman. For years, even my birth played out in my head as a grand entrance. I assumed my mother’s giant stomach had exploded in some public place, followed by a balloon drop, confetti cannons and people celebrating in the streets. It would have been a mess, a gory birthday party, with a lot of cleanup involved, not to mention my poor mother would have to be put back together.

The Jake Shears book Boys Keep Swinging comes out on Feb. 20, 2018 in the United States and Mar. 22, 2018 in the United Kingdom. It’s available for pre-order now.


Featured image by Geoffrey Dicker/According2G.

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