5 Stars Who Could Make James Bond Bolder (and More Inclusive)

5 Stars Who Could Make James Bond Bolder (and More Inclusive)

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It’s just been confirmed that Daniel Craig will return for the 25th James Bond film, set to be directed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle.

“We are delighted to announce that the exceptionally talented Danny Boyle will be directing Daniel Craig in his fifth outing as James Bond in the 25th installment of the franchise, says producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. “We will begin shooting Bond 25 at Pinewood Studios in December with our partners at MGM and thrilled that Universal will be our international distributor.”

Since Daniel Craig previously said he’d rather “slash [his] wrists” than play the British spy again, and if he did another Bond movie, “it would only be for the money,” we’re thinking this may be the actor’s last hurrah as 007. So who should replace him?

Here are five actors who would make bold Bonds in the James Bond film after next:

1. Idris Elba

Elba has actually been leading the pack for a long time as a plausible successor, so much so he actually hates being asked about it at this point. In a 2017 interview, when a reporter asked if he could talk to Elba about the idea, he forcefully responded, “Can we not?”

Why not? “Because it feels like I’m campaigning, and I’m not. At first it was harmless — oh, I know, wouldn’t it be great? — and now it’s started off racial debates. I’m probably the most famous Bond actor in the world, and I’ve not even played the role. Enough is enough. I can’t talk about it any more.”

Regardless of his own annoyances with the question, we’d still love to see the hunky actor in the role, and maybe the speculation could lead this happening one day.

2. Matt Bomer

With his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, Matt Bomer would bring a special something to the character. It would also be nice to see an out gay man playing the role. And who knows, maybe there could even be a hot man-on-man sex scene. We think it’s time for a Bond boy, don’t you?

3. Angelina Jolie

Jolie was being considered for a Bond girl for a few James Bond films back in the mid-2000s. However, Jolie had plans for herself bigger than just the love interest.

In an interview explaining how she was cast in Salt, the bisexual actress says, “It started with a call from Amy [Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures]. She asked if I wanted to play a Bond girl. I said, ‘No, I’m not comfortable with that, but I would like to play Bond.’ We laughed, and then, about a year later, she called back and said, ‘I think I found it.’”

Her roles in Salt, Tomb Raider and Mr. and Mrs. Smith all prove she is more than cut out for the job.

4. Michael B. Jordan

Possibly a tad too young to be James Bond, but realistically, we’re still years away from the next James Bond film without Craig taking place. The breakout star of Creed and Black Panther has the acting chops to do the role justice — as well as the body of a superhero to make those sex scenes extra steamy.

5. Tilda Swinton

A stunning actress and the epitome of androgynous chic, Swinton is the daughter of a Major General and former Lord Lieutenant of Berwickshire, so she has the right pedigree to play the private school-educated 007. She says she is “fascinated” by the whole issue of identity, and admits, “I’m very often referred to as ‘Sir’ in elevators.”

Who do you think should play 007 in the 26th James Bond film? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.

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