James Corden and Bryan Cranston Jump Aboard the ‘Straight Dudes Kissing’ Train

James Corden and Bryan Cranston Jump Aboard the ‘Straight Dudes Kissing’ Train

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Former Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield kicked off “straight men kissing week” in America by kissing kissing Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes and then smooching Stephen Colbert soon after.

Those kisses may have inspired Stranger Things’ actors Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery to fake make-out in an elevator followed by actor Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White from Breaking Bad) and night show host James Corden joining in the fun as well.

After explaining the stage kiss that brought he and his wife of 27 years together, Cranston illustrated the difference between a quick standard “friendly” acting kiss and an one where you “clumsily spend a little too much time”.

You can watch it below:

It’s cute and all, but we’re kinda tired of these straight guys pandering to our gay lusts. We’re gonna need some tongue action sooner or later, gents, or else we’re gonna stop watching.

Okay, that’s a lie. We’ll totally keep watching. In fact, we kinda dig that masculine actors are increasingly open to showing male intimacy and affection, just like dudes used to in the old days.

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