People Are Outraged at a Behind-the-Scenes Emmys Photo of James Corden

People Are Outraged at a Behind-the-Scenes Emmys Photo of James Corden

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James Corden, host of The Late Late Show and television’s current expert when it comes to getting celebrities to sing karaoke to their own tunes, has always been a beloved TV figure. But after last night’s 2017 Emmy Awards, he’s facing quite a bit of backlash for taking a chummy photo with someone many Americans are no fan of.

During Emmys host Stephen Colbert’s opening monologue, the comedian (who himself hosts The Late Show) quipped about the size of the awards show, remarking it was a shame we’d never know how large a crowd the Emmys commanded. Then, shocking us all, former Trump administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer rolled out a podium. The audience was one giant, palpable gasp, most particularly Melissa McCarthy, who portrayed Spicer (brilliantly, we might add) on this past season of Saturday Night Live.

Spicer announced to the crowd that this year’s Emmys audience — both live and at home — would be the largest of all time, “period.” He was making light of the fact that in January he’d so adamantly lied to the American people from his press secretary podium, insisting that Donald Trump’s inauguration was the most well-attended of all time, despite photographic proof and data to the contrary. He also reportedly apologized for his role in the debacle, in case you care.

Spicer’s appearance on the show was a joke that not many people found funny. Like, at all.

Many feel Spicer should never have been given a public platform in the first place. After all, many argue, he used his platform as press secretary to delude and deceive the American people on a lengthy list of issues affecting the American people. He also made a habit of berating numerous White House Press Corps members.

But one person who seemed to take no issue with Spicer was the Carpool Karaoke host. Corden is currently being blasted on social media for the above pic, taken backstage at last night’s Emmys.

Some have compared the photo opp to Jimmy Fallon’s perceived misstep during election season when the late-night host ruffled Trump’s hair during a segment on The Tonight Show.

Of course, it wasn’t just James Corden who cozied up to Sean Spicer. Jimmy Kimmel invited Spicer onto his show, and many others were photographed being “chummy” with the former press secretary.

Still, it seems Corden is getting the brunt of the “Spicer backlash,” perhaps because he’s seen as such a softball-thrower in the late-night game. If only Corden had remembered the mantra for us all in these troubling times:


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