3 Anime Fans Wear Drag and Dance on a Lube-Covered Tarp (Video)

3 Anime Fans Wear Drag and Dance on a Lube-Covered Tarp (Video)

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Because you’ve been good, you get a special treat: Three teenage boys dressed in schoolgirl drag performing a dance on a  lube-covered tarp.

The song is ”Start:Dash!!”, a J-POP tune from the anime Love Live!, a series about Japanese schoolgirls who start a pop band to save their school from closing. (We can’t imagine American students doing that.) You can watch the characters from Love Live! dancing to the song below; it even has English subtitles for the lyrics:

Now that you’ve seen the anime version, prepare for live-action hijinks. The big screen below shows the boys dancing on the lube-tarp, while the little screen at the bottom-right shows three teenage girls dancing flawlessly on dry tatami mats. The boys bite it hard—one of their wigs even gets so gooey that they have to throw it away.

The kid in the blonde wig is helpless but the kid in the orange wig has obviously rehearsed his heart out. We also love the goo-throwing schoolgirl hiding in the closet. Oh Japan, you never disappoint.

The Mary Sue recently published a thought-provoking article about how drag and cosplay can help people explore gender boundaries and affirm their queer identities. While these boys may not end up as gender-fluid drag performers, if they want to, as the songs says, “Even newborn birds will someday fly into the sky on their large, strong wings” … or something.

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