The Tale of Jarec Wentworth: Porn Star, Extortionist, Future Leader?

The Tale of Jarec Wentworth: Porn Star, Extortionist, Future Leader?

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Alright, folks — it’s time for a Jarec Wentworth (real name Teofil Brank) update. For those of you who need a refresher, it’s a bizarre and dramatic story, filled with gay porn, extortion, a $180,000 Audi8 sports car and jail time. And now, with Jarec Wentworth released from prison early, he’s considering an … interesting shift in his career.

We’ve got a full timeline for you here, as well as a look into what the future may hold for this former Sean Cody performer.

Following the news of Jarec Wentworth released from prison, here’s a comprehensive look back at this strange tale:

2013: The porn star meets the gay Republican

Jarec Wentworth and Donald Burns (a gay Republican businessman, donor and billionaire) meet and allegedly begin a sexual tryst. The details of this relationship include Burns paying him for sex, as well as paying him to find other men for Burns to have sex with. Wentworth gets around $2,000 per man he brings to Burns.

Jarec Wentworth (Teofil Brank), left, and Donald Burns

During later interviews with prosecutors, Burns does admit that the nature of their relationship included paying him for sex and paying him to set up meetings with other men as well.

2015: The relationship sours

The relationship sours, and Jarec Wentworth turns to criminal activity. He allegedly blackmails Burns for $500,000 in cash and a sports car worth over $100,000. Burns complies.

At some point, Jarec Wentworth sends Burns a number of threatening texts, such as:

“I do have a twitter and your photos. Lies can be made or Maybe it’s the truth”


“You can’t get friendship anymore, because who will want to be friends with black mail. I on;y wanted to drive cars and Enjoy your company. I guess findin you boys is out of the picture So it ;eaves me with Nothing to want out of this. So I’m just going to bite hard. you got money but I Don’t want that. Money won’t wash away What people will read and see of you. Wow I guess I hold the cards right now.”


“What is going on with everything? I’m tired of Waiting and Not getting anything done with you”

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However, Jarec Wentworth doesn’t stop there. Next he asks for an additional $1 million in cash and access to an apartment in Downtown Los Angeles. Burns apparently agrees to this as well, but this time he also enlists help from the FBI.

Jarec Wentworth is arrested, convicted and sentenced to six years in prison. Police also find a loaded revolver in his car. During this time, Jarec Wentworth claims that Burns raped him. He tries to have his conviction overturned, but is denied by the Ninth Circuit.

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2019: Jarec Wentworth released from prison

After serving 70 months in prison, Jarec Wentworth is released early and transferred to an RRM (residential reentry management) center, which is a halfway house that assists inmates nearing their time of release. During his jail time, he continually maintained his innocence, and believes that his attorneys didn’t do the job he asked them to do.

He writes, “They didn’t question witnesses how they were supposed to. I told them to ask the questions I was writing down [during trial], only for them to say ‘No, no, we got this.’ FML. They were in on it, too.”

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He tells Str8UpGayPorn his side of the story, part of which is:

The so called “VICTIM” … is a smart and Evil man. [He’s] well connected to the government and the republican parties. This Billionaire/porn star man hunter turned HUSH MONEY into black mail.

When i “Teofil Brank” told (the john) that I was tired of his disrespect and said “I’m going to come out with the truth.” He instantly reacted and told me to go pick up the 2014 Audi r8, i did not ask for it or threaten him in anyway… He sent me an email giving me permission to drive the r8…

He also spends some jail time curating his Amazon wishlist, which includes niche items like a $200 Thor hammer, a drinking horn and five bicycles.

2021: New career goals?

An interesting new career goal for Jarec Wentworth.

“Should I run for governor of California? At this point, why not,” he tweets.

Why not? Why not? I mean, I guess we all know that politicians are corrupt, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It’d be nice to live in a world where “blackmail” wasn’t some sort of prerequisite for running for office. But … then again … that isn’t really the world we live in, so maybe the man has a point!

What would California look like under the leadership of Jarec Wentworth? We’re not entirely sure, but we won’t be voting for him, either.

With former porn star Jarec Wentworth released from prison, what do you think of his ambitions for office?

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