Hunky Jared North of ‘Drag Race’ Just Proved Why He’s Pit Crew Material (NSFW)

Hunky Jared North of ‘Drag Race’ Just Proved Why He’s Pit Crew Material (NSFW)

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They haven’t been utilized quite as much as we would like to see this season, but the pit crew on RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of our favorite things about the show. The Pit Crew’s trade bring lots of the sex appeal into the workroom that always heats things up – distracting us viewers and the queens themselves from the real prize at stake.

Well, Jared North is one of the crew’s newer members, and he is right where he belongs.

In a recent episode of “Oh Pit Crew,” he and the other members gather in the dressing room for a silly game of “Never Have I Ever.”

You don’t really find out too much about the boys, so we’re still very curious about Mr. North.

Who is Jared North?

The 28-year-old actor made a guest appearance on the show Kingdom. Maybe you’ve seen the steamy scene he shares with Nick Jonas. On the show, Jonas stars as an upcoming MMA fighter who apparently has some secrets he’s not quite willing to share with his brutal buddies. Unfortunately, the scene in question tells the story of a not-so-consensual encounter.

North is also an underwear model, working with our friends over at The Underwear Expert. In photo shoots and videos on YouTube, he shows off lots of hot styles of the trendiest swimwear and underwear.

In the below video, North shows of some sexy styles from C-IN2:

But the real photos that are grabbing everyones attention right now have no underwear involved. Naked pics of the ripped stud have surfaced. Head over to OMG Blog to check out the NSFW images right now.

If you still want to leave something to the imagination, than scroll through these slightly safer for work pics that prove why Jared North is pit crew material.

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