This GIF of Jason Momoa’s Naked Butt Is the Only Thing You Need in Your Life Today

This GIF of Jason Momoa’s Naked Butt Is the Only Thing You Need in Your Life Today

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We actually haven’t seen Justice League yet. We’ll get it to, no doubt, but since critics sort of panned it, we’re not as excited as we were. What we are super excited about is that the film is getting a gay porn parody version, out in just a few days. We just wish the super sexy Jason Momoa was making an appearance in that one too. Ahhh… a gay boy can dream.

Our dreams became a reality when we were doing some research to include Momoa in our round-up of sexy men who should’ve been named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine last week. Our digging through the internet unearthed a Jason Momoa butt GIF to end all Jason Momoa butt GIFs, and after watching it on repeat for a few hours, we felt a duty to our audience to share it with all of you.

During his time on Game of Thrones, Momoa showed off his assets quite a few times. But it was the 2011 remake of Conan the Barbarian where there was one shot that opens with a naked Momoa laying on his stomach. In the background, you can see his peach on the horizon, reminding us of so many naked selfies we’ve tried to take ourselves to show off our own booty. It’s a hard angle, but when successfully captured, the final result is quite a sexy selfie.

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Momoa turns over and looks to his right. When this happen, his cheeks clench, really showing what strong muscles the actor is packing back there. Cancel your plans for today, because now that we have unearthed this moment for your viewing pleasure, you’ll be stuck in a K-hole watching the GIF over and over and over again all day long.


Check out the Jason Momoa butt GIF here:

Someone put it on YouTube, too:

Here’s Betty White reacting to Jason Momoa’s sexiness because she is all of us:


And here’s one more Jason Momoa butt GIF for good measure:

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