The Story of Jason Statham’s Leaked Homophobic Rant Is Even More Messed Up Than You Thought

The Story of Jason Statham’s Leaked Homophobic Rant Is Even More Messed Up Than You Thought

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Last week Jason Statham apologized for a homophobic rant he unleashed back in 2015 on the set of the film Wild Card. The Jason Statham apology came after a transcript of this rant was released by associate producer RJ Cipriani. That transcript of the Jason Statham rant reportedly details what he said and involves some very intense language that may be too graphic for some.

The transcript of the Jason Statham rant allegedly has the actor saying:

Stop acting like a fucking fag. I hate that faggity fucking shit.

You guys are acting like a bunch of fucking faggots.

If you want to tell me something don’t wait till I do 15 fucking takes before you say something. Stop being a fucking fag and be more assertive.

We are here to make a good movie so stop acting like fucking fags.

The backstory of the rant: The manager of Jason Statham (famous for his roles in The Transporter, The Mechanic and The Expendables, and soon to appear in The Meg), Steven Chasman, had reportedly delivered “notes” to Statham regarding his on-camera performance. It was a film about gambling, and Cipriani was a “gambling consultant” on it; his notes were apparently that Statham wasn’t acting like a real gambler would. Statham didn’t like that. So the Jason Statham rant above was directed at his own manager, Chasman. Yes, Jason Statham was ‘shooting the messenger.’

In his apology, Statham says he doesn’t remember the actual rant but says that if it was him it was wrong, and he will learn from his mistakes and do better in the future.

Here’s the Jason Statham apology:

Someone approached me claiming to have a tape of me using terms offensive to the LGBTQ community during a conversation I had with my producing partner, on a movie set five years ago. I have never heard the recording and my multiple requests to hear the recording have been refused. I have no recollection of making any of these offensive comments. However, let me be clear, the terms referenced are highly offensive. If I said these words, it was wrong and I deeply apologize. Anyone who knows me knows it doesn’t reflect how I feel about the LGBTQ community. While I cannot fix what was said in the past, I can learn from it and do better in the future.

But that’s not at all. There’s more to this Jason Statham rant debacle.

Jason Statham

Cipriani reportedly approached the actor’s manager, Chasman, back in December of 2017 (four years after the incident) with the transcripts, asking the action star’s team for something in return in order for him not to release. It sounds like blackmail to us, except Cipriani didn’t want money. He asked that Statham “do something for charity or good causes to make amends.”

Cipriani wanted Jason Statham to take a trip to a hospital and visit with sick children, which the actor agreed to on the grounds that the tape or transcript never be leaked. Cipriani gave the actor three months to make good on his promise.

Statham and his manager wanted Cipriani to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but the producer declined to do so.

This past March, after the three months were up, Statham reportedly asked for more time.

“Finally, after five months I called [Statham’s manager, Chasman] and said it was time,” Cipriani now says. “They asked for four more months, until the end of the summer, because Jason was in London, ‘working on some things.’”

But Cipriani wasn’t willing to give Jason Statham more time, which resulted in Chasman hitting up Cipriani on WhatsApp in an attempt to straighten the situation out.

In their (completely one-sided) conversation, Chasman attempts to assure Cipriani that his client, Jason Statham, is “lining up to do something great for kids after we get back to London in the end of the summer.” He also says he wants to meet with Cipriani, which is met with radio silence.

The WhatsApp messages from Steven Chasman to RJ Cipriani (that’s Chasman on the right)

But this Jason Statham rant (and Jason Statham apology) scandal still isn’t over. As it turns out, Cipriani may end up facing some legal troubles himself.

Because the film Wild Card was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana — a state with an Electronic Surveillance Act that “bars the recording, interception, use or disclosure of any oral or telephonic communication by means of any mechanical or electronic device without the consent of at least one party to the conversation” — a recording what of what Jason Statham said on set that the actor wasn’t aware of could be a crime.

Pretty crazy, huh?

What do you think of the Jason Statham rant (and the Jason Statham apology)? Sound off in the comments.

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