20 GIFs to Celebrate ‘Jawbreaker’ Becoming a TV Series

20 GIFs to Celebrate ‘Jawbreaker’ Becoming a TV Series

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We just got news that the E! cable network is developing a TV series based on the 1999 mean girl comedy Jawbreaker. If you missed it, Jawbreaker tells the story of the “Flawless Four”, the four most beautiful and popular girls in Reagan High School, and what happens when their queen bee chokes to death on a jawbreaker. The film was based on the 1988 black comedy Heathers, stars indie star actress Heather McGowan and has gained a cult following for its Mean Girls-style humor.

You can see a trailer for the 1999 film below.

If it goes into full production mode, Darren Stein, Jawbreaker‘s original director, will write and executive produce the series alongside George Northy; both of them helped create MTV’s fauxmosexual high school dramedy series Faking It as well as G.B.F., a 2013 comedy about a newly outed boy who becomes the gay best friend of three popular girls.

Anyway, we’re so excited that we had to celebrate with some GIFs from the original film.

Jawbreaker might soon be a TV series …

… so everybody get ready!

Everyone’s simply thrilled about the announcement!

Make sure to hide your kids though.

And if your friends have never heard of Jawbreaker, …

… just remember that you’re cooler than them …

… though they might totally get hateful.

They might even get jealous and retaliate.

In fact, the series might even make you question all your friendships.

But don’t worry. The new series will definitely make you feel superior to everyone.

Like, way superior.

It’ll also leave you gagging!

Really gagging!

You won’t believe it.

You won’t know how to act.

You might even become despondent.

But contain yourself!

And make sure not to die from excitement …

… because we’re not sure what we’d do with the body.

After all, we’re not murderers.

Though if you did accidentally die, we’d totally play it off like everything’s cool.

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