You’ll Soon Be Able to Airbnb Jinkx Monsoon’s ‘Drag-Fabulous’ House in Portland

You’ll Soon Be Able to Airbnb Jinkx Monsoon’s ‘Drag-Fabulous’ House in Portland

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Jinkx Monsoon just revealed a whole lot of personal stuff in a new interview with The Stranger. One of the things that has the explorer in us super excited is that they will be renting out a house they just bought in Portland (a city with a thriving queer scene) as an Airbnb. Jinkx Monsoon’s Airbnb will be called Monsoon Manor, and should be available later this month.

“I also bought a house in Portland with one of my best friends,” Monsoon explains. “My family still all lives in Portland, so I figured if I had my own space there it would motivate me to go back and visit my family more.”

But when they aren’t there, which will be a lot because they are still quite busy on the road touring, they will be renting it out as Airbnb. It sounds pretty fabulous: drag-fabulous that is.

“So I got my own house in Portland and we’ve decorated it to be a little bit of a drag museum. We rent it out as an Airbnb when I’m not visiting there. It’s called Monsoon Manor, and it will be available to rent through Airbnb later this month. If you want to stay in a house in Portland that is completely curated by Jinkx Monsoon and is like a drag-fabulous house — and it’s also 420 friendly and family friendly, and extremely queer-friendly, because it’s been queer-owned for the last like 60 years — you can.”

Jinkx Monsoon

One of the really cool things about the property is that it has quite the queer history that Monsoon is trying to uphold. “I bought it from a queer friend of mine, and they bought it from a queer person,” Monsoon says. “It’s also a small fight against gentrification because the area it’s in has all these houses that are being torn down and little tiny condo complexes are being put up in their place. We’ve already had like four offers from condo developers, and we’re like: Nope, this house stays a house.”

Monsoon promises that every detail will be perfectly curated, and it’s not one of the Airbnb lemons that look fabulous online and then in real life is a total bust.

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“It should be available at the end of this month,” Monsoon stresses. “We are in the final phases of getting it ready. I don’t want anything unfinished because I’ve stayed in a lot of Airbnbs where someone clearly bought a house, remodeled it just enough and then put it on Airbnb. So then you’re staying at kind of like a half-finished place that looks really good when you’re booking it, and then you get there and it’s like, ‘Oh, this is kind of shit.’ You know? So ours is not going to be that. It’s going to be every bit as fabulous as it looks.”

Weed, drag queen costumes, queer history and fighting gentrification? Count us in.

Stay tuned for more details about Jinkx Monsoon’s Airbnb Monsoon Manor.

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