JK Rowling Crushed a Sexless White Nationalist Dork on Twitter

JK Rowling Crushed a Sexless White Nationalist Dork on Twitter

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Harry Potter author JK Rowling absolutely crushed a right-wing troll on Twitter with a delightfully petty personal slam.

The troll—a Twitter user whose avatar depicted Pepe the Frog, a cartoon symbol beloved by white supremacists and nerdy dudes who can’t get laid—started the fight by insulting JK Rowling for criticizing Donald Trump. Rowling replied like so:

Harsh and petty, yes. And completely deserved. There’s no reason to debate dim-witted white supremacists, and it’s very fair to point out that young men join the alt-right primarily because girls won’t go out with them.

But Rowling did clarify a point about lonely virgins:

Judging by a Twitter search, it appears that the lonely virginal neo-Nazi troll was too devastated to respond to Rowling’s comment directly. Instead, he returned to his own account to lick his wounds and pretend that, by being laughed at by 59,000 people, he had somehow won:


And Rowling simply forgot the guy, like the rest of the female gender does. Instead, she carried on roasting more Trump trolls:

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