Joanne the Scammer Reveals She May Be Getting Her Own Netflix Show

Joanne the Scammer Reveals She May Be Getting Her Own Netflix Show

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Branden Miller sat down with Janet Mock on her podcast Never Before to chat about transphobia, racial identity and future projects the viral social media star is working on.

During the podcast, Miler revealed that his character Joanne the Scammer would be getting her own shown – possibly for Netflix.

Miller told Mock that “someone from Netflix” was currently writing the show. The show’s exact format is still somewhat hazy, with Miller admitting, “I can’t even speak that far ahead because I don’t even know.”

Miller added: “If you know Joanne on Instagram, there are little snippets of her life” in which Joanne appears “right in the middle of a scam. So I’m capturing that. Instagram gives you one minute of that, the show will give you the whole storyline.”

So who is Joanne the Scammer?

Joanne the Scammer is the online alter ego of 25-year-old Branden Miller.

A self-professed “messy bitch who lives for drama,” Joanne is usually wrapped in a fur coat and wearing a blond or black wig — speaks in a “Caucasian” accent and brags about her antics extorting credit cards, embezzling funds from unsuspecting men and embarrassing her ex-boyfriend’s new wife in public.

Her tweets are hilarious and Instagram videos are epic.

Miller lives in Daytona Beach, Florida and initially made a living by working in the porn industry before the meme-friendly Joanne character was born.

Miller spoke to Paper last March about how important it is for him to keep a distance between himself and the character.

“People are so self-absorbed on social media; they want to feel famous. At the end of the day, I don’t want this fame for myself,” Miller said. “I don’t act like Joanne in my daily life. I don’t live like that. I dress like a boy, I look like a boy; I have a full-on beard. But I also don’t care what you think about me. So, I don’t want that validation; I just want to be a fucking mess.”

UPDATE: We corrected some inaccurate information in this post. The show is still in development and while someone from Master of None (a Netflix show) is writing it – it hasn’t been sold to anyone yet.

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