Watch Ellen Surprise Our Favorite Funny Teacher (Video)

Watch Ellen Surprise Our Favorite Funny Teacher (Video)

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We’re obsessed with out teacher Joe Dombrowski. Not only is he cute as hell, he also knows how to make the kids in his classroom laugh on a daily basis.

Well, we’re not the only ones who have noticed his big heart. After his April Fool’s prank went viral on Facebook, amassing more than 20 million views in just a few days, Ellen DeGeneres is a fan, too.

DeGeneres had Joe Dombrowski on her show today to interview him about his teaching philosophy and to surprise him with some cash.

“I play pranks on the staff and the students quite a bit. I’ll do anything. I like to make sure the kids are having fun and that they like what they are doing. I will do different pranks or fun activities to get them going.”

During her own fake spelling test, DeGeneres gave him some weird words to spell himself. “The third word is Shutterfly. Shutterfly cares about supporting teachers who are sharing life’s joys so they want to give you this check for $10,000.”

But that wasn’t all he was getting. DeGeneres surprised him with another check because she knew a guy like Dombrowski would use the money for his Title 1 school classroom. “And listen, I know you and I know you are going to use this money to help your kids. So i this goes to to you so I want to give you another check for $10,000 for your school.”

Watch Ellen’s adorable interview with Joe Dombrowski:

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