Oprah Winfrey Gives Anti-LGBT Pastor John Gray His Own Reality Series Entertainment

Oprah Winfrey Gives Anti-LGBT Pastor John Gray His Own Reality Series

Written by Alexander Kacala on May 02, 2017
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Say it isn’t so! Our queen Oprah Winfrey’s newest addition to her network is an anti-LGBT pastor named John Gray. The show, The Book of John Gray, is a “dramedy docu-follow hybrid about the life of John Gray and his uniquely humorous way of helping people.”

“John, who is an associate pastor at Houston’s Lakewood Church under Pastor Joel Osteen, is just beginning to achieve success,” the Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) website reads. “Known for his loud, hilarious, unconventional ways, John will give viewers unprecedented and intimate access into his church and home life. John uses his deep convictions, hard-earned wisdom and famous sense of humor to help people overcome their greatest challenges, all while facing his own everyday struggles as a husband and father.”

Well, it looks like Gray’s convictions include anti-LGBT views shown with these tweets from 2012 to 2015. We’re including screenshots incase they miraculously get deleted. As of press time, they were all still published.

In 2012, Gray wasn’t into Obama’s support of same-sex marriage:

john gray

In 2013, he compared homosexuality to lying and adultery:

john gray 2

In 2014, Gray had a real problem with the Grammy’s decision to have a mass same-sex wedding on stage:

john gray 3oprah winfrey

Later in 2014, Gray scoffed at Michael Sam’s courage to come out:

john gray 4

As recently as 2015, he tweeted disdain for Target after the retailer’s decision to stop labeling toys as boy or girl:
john gray 5

In a YouTube video, John Gray says, “Speaking of husbands and wives, how many married folk we got in her right now? How many people know convenant is God honoring? Convenant is right. I don’t care what the world says, they are trying to redefine marriage. Don’t listen.”

This breaks our hearts that OWN has endorsed someone with seemingly anti-LGBT views. Oprah Winfrey has historically been a huge ally to our community, but it looks there has been some oversight on her network’s part with this endorsement of Gray and his views.

Reps from OWN have been reached out to for a comment regarding John Gray. We have yet to hear back.

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