This Massage Therapist Has Accused John Travolta of Groping and ‘Releasing’ Onto Him

This Massage Therapist Has Accused John Travolta of Groping and ‘Releasing’ Onto Him

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A massage therapist named Marky Hutt has accused American actor John Travolta of molesting him during a 2010 massage session in a Rochester, New York hotel. In a Oct. 10, 2017 Twitter stream, Hutt accused Travolta of offering him money for sexual contact, grabbing his crotch and buttocks and ejaculating on Hutt’s jeans during a massage session in Travolta’s hotel room. Several similar John Travolta massage therapist stories have emerged against the actor since 2013.


Details of the John Travolta massage therapist accusation

Here is part of Hutt’s story about his alleged encounter with Travolta [edited for clarity]:

In the summer of 2010, I received a call to do an onsite massage at the Hyatt Hotel in Rochester, New York where the actor was looking at homes at Keuka Lake (Finger Lakes), and when I arrived at the room, John Travolta was on the bed, naked under a towel, smoking a cigar & watching gay porn on his laptop.

The gentleman who picked me up for the massage then proceeded to set up a camera in the corner of the room as I set up my oils & massage table. Long story longer, halfway through the massage, Travolta proceeded to rub my ass & grab my crotch over my jeans.

After verbally telling him NO & letting him know that I was extremely uncomfortable, Travolta went on to say “Come on … nobody will ever find out. Come on, what do you want, more money? Nobody will know.”

After telling Travolta that I’ve had enough and that I was cutting the session short, he proceeded to go into his luggage & handed me close to $2,000. I left shortly after and I contacted the Rochester Police Department where they did NOTHING. THIS is why many men & women do not come forward. Especially men. The stigma that a man can be sexually assaulted while on the job is basically taboo and unheard of.

I’ve been publicly silent for SEVEN years. While my lawyers (The Bressler Firm) wasted a lot of time with John Travolta’s lawyer (Marty Singer) trying to reach a resolution. After MANY private meetings and multiple settlement offers and getting the runaround, the statute of limitations in New York eventually expired.

Though he doesn’t mention Travolta’s ejaculation in the Twitter thread quoted above, Hutt claims to have kept the jeans bearing Travolta’s semen stains. He also claims that Travolta’s lawyer has offered him three different settlements of $15,000, $35,000 and $75,000, all of which Hutt has turned down.

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Hutt he claims his refusal comes from a desire to expose Travolta rather than holding out for a larger sum. He also says that he has received e-mailed death threats since sharing his John Travolta massage therapist story.


Gay rumors and other John Travolta massage therapist allegations

Rumors about Travolta’s sexuality have long circulated. In a self-published 2010 book entitled You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again, author Robert Randolph claimed to have seen Travolta engaging in different male-on-male sex acts in Los Angeles’ City Spa.

In 2012, two unnamed massage therapists sued Travolta for allegedly initiating sex during their massage sessions. Both accusers ended up dropping their cases.

A 2013 Gawker article entitled “Travolta’s Insurer Paid at Least $84,000 Last Year Over Sexual Assault Claims” mentioned “Fabian Zanzi, a former cruise-ship employee who claimed [Travolta] rubbed his ‘erect penis’ against him.”

And in a 2013 stand up routine, comedienne Margaret Cho called Travolta “extremely gay.”

During the bit, she mentioned the two aforementioned anonymous sexual harassment lawsuits brought by massage therapists. When asked about whether she had outed Travolta in her routine, Cho said, “not really” because that’s “like outing Liberace.” She continued:

Ultimately, I think he’s a good guy, and I think he is suffering, and it’s sad for somebody like that, who has made such a big contribution to film and to pop culture, who’s made to live under this guise of heterosexuality. I’m actually on his side.

In a 2010 interview with The Advocate, actress Carrie Fisher also said that Travolta was gay.

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Travolta is married to American actress Kelly Preston. He is also a prominent member of the Church of Scientology, which believes in “curing” people of their homosexuality.

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