John Waters Hospitalized Over the Weekend

John Waters Hospitalized Over the Weekend

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First 2016 came for Prince, Harper Lee, Antonin Scalia (tee-hee), Muhammad Ali, Elie Wiesel, Miss Cleo, Gene Wilder, Alexis Arquette, Kevin Meaney, Gwen Ifil, Leonard Cohen, and then George Michael and, just to be a dick, Carrie Fisher. Then it came for John Waters… but it failed! HA! TAKE THAT, DEATH! YOU SMUG DICK.

The irreverent gay filmmaker behind Pink Flamingos and Hairspray landed in the hospital last weekend because of kidney stones, causing him to miss his own Christmas party, but he’s back in his Baltimore home now. And seeing as kidney stones are rarely lethal, there’s no need to worry that they’ll come back to claim him in the near future; giving us one more legendary queer to keep enjoying in the year ahead.

(featured image via KPFA)

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