John Waters, the Pope of Trash, Is Hosting an Adult Summer Camp

John Waters, the Pope of Trash, Is Hosting an Adult Summer Camp

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John Waters, the delightful, openly gay, 70-year-old, pencil-mustached pervert who singlehandedly transformed modern film by having a drag queen eat dog poop onscreen, is apparently hosting a summer camp for adults.

It’s called “Camp John Waters,” it’s scheduled for September 22-24 at Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut (a lake resort about 90 minutes north of New York City) and offers three days of activities like burlesque lessons, Hairspray karaoke and Bloody Mary Bingo. Die-hard fans will also enjoy a John Waters film marathon, a John Waters one-man show, a John Waters Q & A and John Waters reading a John Waters book (how meta).

Tickets cost between $499 and $599. People can book two, three and four-person cabins and all reservations include activities, meals and an autographed copy of Waters’ new book, Make Trouble. Alcohol costs extra though and the reservation website is acting screwy, so …

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What will the actual camp be like?

Apart from the activities listed above, we’d like to imagine that the entire camp will be like Mortville, the ramshackle town of outcasts depicted in Waters’ 1977 comedy Desperate Living: a bunch of shacks, burning garbage strewn about the grounds, misfit lesbians and gender-queers and evil Queen Carlotta and her army of S&M leather sluts forcing people to walk backwards and infecting traitors with rabies.

Here’s a small taste of Mortville from Desperate Living. They all seem like happy campers, right?

Why is John Waters holding a camp?

Although Waters has styled himself as a happy, devil may care gadabout, the 2016 U.S. election actually shocked him and kidney stones landed him in the hospital last December, making him primed for some rest and relaxation. He has also excels at the art of self promotion, so this camp and all it’s John Waters-centric events fits right alongside his concurrent nationwide stand-up tours and campy, irreverent memoirs.

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