Johnny Weir Allegedly ‘Threw a Fit’ Over Adam Rippon, Who’s Busy Texting Sally Field’s Son

Johnny Weir Allegedly ‘Threw a Fit’ Over Adam Rippon, Who’s Busy Texting Sally Field’s Son

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Sally Field has been trying to get openly gay figure skater Adam Rippon to date her gay son, Sam Greisman. And it may have worked. A new report explains that the two have been communicating since the actresses’ interference. One person who allegedly is not communicating with Adam Rippon is Johnny Weir. Keep reading to find out why.

After the start of the Winter Games, Greisman tweeted, “I hate being earnest but an openly, ‘non-passing,’ sassy, beautiful gay 20-something daring America not to love him and becoming the sweetheart of the Olympic Games is very moving to me.”

Sam Greisman and Sally Field

Greisman mentioned his Olympic crush to his mother and then shared a screen shot of her text message response via Twitter. Field responded by quote-tweeting her son’s message, tagging Rippon’s Twitter account so that he’d get a notification about Greisman’s affection. In response, Greisman responded to his mom’s tweet with a tweet simply reading, “Yikes.”

Page Six exclusively learned that Greisman reached out personally to Rippon to apologize for his mom’s awkward attempts to set them up on a date. He was so embarrassed by his daringly direct mother that he reached out to Rippon by DM to break the ice.

They report:

An Olympic spy told us they had overheard Rippon say that Greisman had sent him a private message on Twitter “to apologize for his mom embarrassingly trying to set them up.” (Still, Field’s plan may yet be a success — at least she’s gotten them in touch with each other.) Meanwhile, Rippon has said he was impressed by Field’s “bold” wingwoman moves. He added, “I’m sure one day we’re going to meet.”

But Page Six also reveals that while Field and most of America have fallen head over skates in love with Rippon, sources allege fellow skater and NBC announcer Johnny Weir has not.

“The one-time Olympian Weir is doing a flying spin with envy because audiences find Rippon funnier and more lovable,” they report. “NBC even offered Rippon a correspondent job, but he turned it down to stay in the Olympic Village with his teammates.”

“Johnny feels upstaged and threw a fit about Adam,” an NBC insider sniffed, adding, “Johnny should spend less time on his ‘Hunger Games’ hair and more time engaging the audience.”

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