Is Jolly Rancher Using a Prison Rape Joke in Its Ad?

Is Jolly Rancher Using a Prison Rape Joke in Its Ad?

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Jolly Rancher, the popular hard candy, released an ad that seems to contain a prison rape joke.

The ad is part of an ongoing campaign with the unfortunate (but probably intentional) slogan #KeepOnSucking.

We’re going to assume that the people behind the ad campaign are legally adults and thus aware of the implications of the phrase “Keep on sucking.” And we’re not going to fault them for making sexual innuendo.

But this ad, intentional or not, has some extremely unfortunate implications. “Get busy sucking or get busy dying” sounds like a sexual threat. We’re not really sure what, other than sexual assault, the ad is even supposed to be about. Maybe the idea is to eat the candy in order to escape?

At any rate, most Twitter users thought the ad was completely bonkers.

Even other processed foods were taken aback by the ad. Totino’s Pizza Rolls had this to say:

Sexual innuendo is one thing, but prison rape is a serious matter that Americans take far too lightly. At any rate, it’s an awful way to sell candy. This ad sucks.