Jon Stewart: Marcus Bachmann is Curing Gays So He Can Horde All the Gayness for Himself

Jon Stewart: Marcus Bachmann is Curing Gays So He Can Horde All the Gayness for Himself

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Jon Stewart finally blew his Marcus “is a gay barbarian” Bachmann load last night on The Daily Show, and boy was it juicy. Err…um…uh…what I mean to say is that Stewart took Michele “gays are Satan” Bachmann’s husband to task for his ridiculous self-hating views.

Stewart, like the rest of us who have seen or heard Bachmann speak (or in this case, DANCE!), has a difficult time believing that Bachmann’s ex-gay clinic isn’t following the Hairclub for Men empoyee handbook – you know, “Im not only the president. I’m a member!”

This is some of the best Daily Show I’ve ever watched. Mad props to Jerry Seinfeld and Stewart for putting Bachmann in his gay, gay, GAAAAAY place.


P.S.- Marcus Bachmann is so gay he shits Pinkberry. Ba dum dum ching!

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