Teen Kills His Gay Adoptive Father So He Can Be Closer to His Biological Dad in Prison

Teen Kills His Gay Adoptive Father So He Can Be Closer to His Biological Dad in Prison

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department have arrested Jordan Marin-Doan, a 16-year-old teenager, for starting a fire that killed his gay 45-year-old adoptive father Jason Doan (pictured above at right with his husband). When interrogated by police, Marin-Doan said he started the fire one week ago so he could go to prison and get a cell next to his biological father (who is also in prison). Marin-Doan has been charged as an adult for murder, arson and auto theft.

Jason Doan married his husband Alan Marin in 2014, immediately after same-sex marriage became legal in Indiana. Last year, they adopted three children — Jordan, a 10-year-old boy and an 11-month-old boy.

A week before the November 2 blaze, Jordan Marin-Doan said that he threatened to kill his parents so that he could be closer to his biological father. On the night of the fire, he poured gasoline from the family Weed Eater onto the middle of the family home stairway and ignited it with a lighter. He then drove the couple’s Jeep Wrangler 130 miles away to a Roadway Inn parking lot in Decatur, Indiana where police later discovered him.

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Jordan reportedly told police that, after setting the fire, he got scared and regretted setting it before fleeing. According to Jordan, he wasn’t mad and didn’t know why he set it.

While Jordan fled to Decatur, his same-sex adoptive parents awoke to the sound of their smoke alarm at 11 p.m. They collected their kids and went to the bathroom where Doan broke a window so that Marin could crawl out. Doan passed his two younger sons through, telling them to go somewhere safe while he tried to rescue the family’s three dogs.

It’s unclear whether Doan rescued the animals. Firefighters retrieved him from the house and took him to Eskenazi Hospital, where he later died of “inhalation of products of combustion.”

Doan had owned a construction company that purchased, restored and sold homes. He was also an organ donor whose liver and kidneys will help three other people.

The fire severely damaged their home. His newly widowed husband and children are staying with family. A fundraising website has raised $10,000 so far to help support the family and cover funeral expenses.

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