Joseph Ohlert’s Photography Exposes the Sensual Sexuality of Gender

Joseph Ohlert’s Photography Exposes the Sensual Sexuality of Gender

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German photographer Joseph Ohlert is only 26, but he’s quickly making a name for himself in the art world. He cut his teeth working in set design for movies and theater. As rose to the position of assistant director, his interest in art and photography grew as well.

Today, he has a number of exhibitions throughout Germany and has also made a book, Gender is a Spectrum. He’s got such an eye for gorgeous photography, it’s no wonder brands like Skyy Vodka work with him. Joseph Ohlert’s photography has appeared on the covers of magazines — most recently, the limited-run male fashion mag JÓN.

Joseph Ohlert’s JÓN cover, featuring Tim Grupp

His most recent exhibition was called Poster Boys. The exhibition was held at Berlin’s Blender & Co. and was organized by the art collective Curated by GIRLS. (Curated by GIRLS has also worked with artists like Sandro Giordano.)

When asked about Poster Boys, Ohlert said:

“These are portraits of young men I think are beautiful. Some I met through Facebook, Instagram, some are good friends. There are so many people out there I would love to have in my life, but I can’t, so with the photos I’m taking of them I’m creating a connection we will have forever.
 I sometimes feel like if I don’t take a picture of whoever I’m meeting, it doesn’t actually feel like we have met.”

His Gender as a Spectrum project was a response to and debunking of the gender binary. The book pairs Ohlert’s brilliant portraiture with interviews conducted by his co-author Kaey, who is trans.

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In his artist statement for Gender as a Spectrum, Ohlert says:

“Over the course of two years, people all around the globe have been photographed with one thing in common: they defy stereotypical binary gender roles (‘male and female’)… They found their own identity within the spectrum of gender… somewhere between these two poles. Each person in this book has decided.. who or what they want to be, not dependent on the body they were born in.”

Gender as a Spectrum is not only a beautiful coffee-table book. It was also Ohlert’s final project for his degree from Berlin’s Ostkreuzschule.

Below, we’ve included a gallery of some of our favorite photos from Ohlert’s catalog. He’s very active on Instagram, with three accounts: his personal one, @josephwolfgangohlert, his professional one, @jwo_studio and the account for his gallery, @P7_gallery.

Joseph Ohlert Photography:


Featured photo by @benkrausphoto via @josephwolfgangohlert

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