A Judge Is Suing to Protect His Delicate Feelings from an LGBT Diversity Video

A Judge Is Suing to Protect His Delicate Feelings from an LGBT Diversity Video

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No one likes watching workplace training videos, but one Texas Social Security Administration judge is going to extremes to avoid it: he’s suing.

Judge Gary Suttles claims that watching an LGBT diversity training video would subject him to a “religiously hostile work environment,” the Washington Post reports.

Suttles claimed that it was unnecessary for him to watch the video because, “I am already fully aware to treat all persons with respect and dignity and have done so my entire life.” But he also asked for an alternative diversity training video that “did not deal with such a specific community of people.” So apparently “all persons” doesn’t include LGBTQ people.

Suttles was supposed to watch a 17-minute video called “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community.” But he refused. Because watching the video was a required part of his job, this put him at risk for disciplinary action. So instead, he spent months arguing with his superiors, whining to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and working on a lawsuit. We’re guessing that activity took more than 17 minutes but hey you manage your time however you like I guess.


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