judy garland
judy garland

A Judy Superfan Buys a Nearby Burial Plot, Only to See Garland’s Grave Moved

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A Judy Garland fan bought a funeral plot next to that of the famed Hollywood star so that he could be buried beside her. Alas, Garland’s body was then shipped back to Hollywood.

Page Six writes:

The unidentified diehard purchased the space adjacent to Garland in the Ferncliff Mausoleum in Hartsdale—a piece of real estate that sells for up to $15,500 at the cemetery.

Garland was moved to the West Coast because Ferncliff didn’t have enough room for the rest of her family—including children Liza, 70; Lorna Luft, 64; and Joey Luft, 61—to be buried alongside her, People reported.

The actress will be re-interred at the star-studded Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Poor guy! The yellow brick road from Hartsdale to Hollywood is awfully long.

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