Juno Calypso: Self-Portraits Of Exhausted Femininity

Juno Calypso: Self-Portraits Of Exhausted Femininity

Written by Terri Washington on October 04, 2016
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Juno Calypso is a 26-year-old London photographer known for self-portrait projects featuring an alter-ego named Joyce. It’s exhausting being a picture perfect woman, and Calypso uses tired and emotionless Joyce to explore the hardships of femininity. Joyce II, Calypso’s current project, is taking the artist on a world tour in hopes of capturing even more facets of femininity.

Juno Calypso, Art, Photography

Calypso claims she “performs critical studies of modern rites in seduction and beauty, and the labored construction of femininity.” Through the development of Joyce, Calypso builds sets and creates scenes for her self-portraits.

Juno Calypso, Art, Photography

Using objects like wrinkle masks, old computer equipment and a tin of cold meat, the artist expresses how objects that were once perceived as radical, innovative, fun and nutritious have become joyless and oppressive.

Juno Calypso, Art, Photography

Joyce appears lovely but lifeless in all of her photos because she is “exhausted from bearing the weight of constructed femininity.”

Juno Calypso, Art, Photography

Calypso’s current project has her touring honeymoon motels across the world. The rooms feature heart shaped bath tubs and mirrored walls and ceilings. In various photos she dons the all-white look of a bride, full makeup and all, or appears completely nude and painted green from head to toe. Calyspso’s nearly 4000 Instagram followers consistently praise her art and refer to her as “beautiful,” “brilliant,” and “incredibly interesting.”

(featured image via Juno Calypso)


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