We Just Got A Serious Hint About American Horror Story Season 6

We Just Got A Serious Hint About American Horror Story Season 6

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Any fans of Ryan Murphy’s FX horror anthology, American Horror Story, knows that the new season starts September 14, 2016. But few people, if anyone, knows what it will be about. By this time in all the previous seasons, Murphy and company had already given them tantalizing titles like “Asylum”, “Freak Show” and “Hotel” (let us never speak of the other one). But this time around, they have yet to name season six, merely releasing trailers (above) that are a cross between Village of the Damned, Saw, Rosemary’s Baby and Courage the Cowardly Dog. But the good folks at TMZ recently uncovered a very telling clue.

They scored some shots revealing the colonial setting of Roanoke, a North Carolina colony established in 1985 and then completely abandoned by 1960. Visitors to the abandoned colony found a single word carved into a fencepost: “CROATOAN” and puzzled over its meaning. Croatoan was the name of a local Native American tribe, leading most historians to believe that the “lost” settlers simply went to live with the tribe, giving them better odds of survival.

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All the same, lots kooky myths persist of what happened to missing colony including a mass slaughter (evidence of this has never surfaced), mass relocation on a nearby island (possible, but dumb) or a Satanic demon that transported the entire town into a parallel hell dimension (highly likely).

FX CEO John Landgraf has reportedly said that the sixth season of the show will be, “…set in two time periods…but principally in the present.” There has also been speculation that the series will focus on cults and a forest setting, but that’s mostly rumor. It’s not a rumor though that Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley, Denis O’Hare, Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson. Leslie Jordan, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Finn Wittrock will all be returning — good times!

Either way, you can expect to see some settlers in the upcoming season along with an evil baby, children with glowing eyes and some dude having his head stapled (if the teasers above are to be taken literally).

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