Who Is Justice League’s Most Fashionable Superhero? We Rank the Actors’ Personal Style

Who Is Justice League’s Most Fashionable Superhero? We Rank the Actors’ Personal Style

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In advance of this weekend’s release of Justice League, it’s time to ask some real questions, like what would an epic superhero blockbuster be without some eye candy? A waste of time, that’s whatAm I right, ladies? I mean, the only reason I saw Thor Ragnarok was in the hopes to catch a glimpse of Chris Hemsworth’s butt, ’cause god knows the script was garbage. And while I didn’t get to see full booty, I was living for his short hair.

But the boys of the upcoming DC Comics superhero flick Justice League aren’t just eye candy. (And can we still call Ben Affleck eye candy? The jury’s still out.) These guys also have a serious fashion sense.

The film’s flashy premiere, held this past Tuesday in Los Angeles, was referred to by GQ as a “Navy Suit Showdown.” All five of the film’s stars wore different variations of a navy suit, some better than the others.

Now, I have to kindly disagree with who GQ considered the winners. Then again, I’m approaching these guys’ fashion as a queer man, whereas GQ‘s writer was female. (That’s why if I had to declare a winner of the evening it would be Henry Cavill’s mustache. He was serving up some serious daddy, and lord knows I have some serious daddy issues.)

So, here you have it.

A (queer man’s) ranking of the most fashionable superhero in Justice League:

6. Ben Affleck

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