Justin Bieber Hot Pics: 14 Times the Sexy Pop Star Turned Us On

Justin Bieber Hot Pics: 14 Times the Sexy Pop Star Turned Us On

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Love him or hate him, we are here for Justin Bieber hot pics. It also happens to be Bieber’s birthday, so we are celebrating by relishing in the hotness of his everything.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we know he can be a douchebag sometimes but he is real easy on the eyes. The internet is just chock full of pics to prove this. From his bulge to his tats to his affinity for getting naked in public, there is a lot of photographic evidence out there that showcases his goods.

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Thankfully for us he just returned to Instagram, giving up some more reasons to lust over the pop star. He also recently went viral after some evidence showed he may have wet himself. He laughed off the matter, making some jokes at his own expense.

Whether you like him for his humor or you like him for his music, we are here for his hotness.

We compile 14 Justin Bieber hot pics to celebrate this birth.

1. His recent return to social media.

2. During a recent hike he (thankfully) shared on Instagram.

3. During this shoot for Billboard.

4. Swimming in the pool at the Versace Mansion.

5. What do we have to do to be that straw?

6. This selfie where Justin grabs his bulge.

7. Speaking of bulges, never forget.

8. Justin kind of looks like a douchebag here but we will forgive him.

9. Here, Justin is running into our hearts with his ripped bod.

10. Dear lord, please let the towel drop.

11. Oh, this is Bieber boner inducing goodness right here.

12. Someone teach us how to do whatever Justin is doing right here.

13. And this moment, when Justin went skinny dipping nude with some girl.

14. Obviously the knife is a place holder for something else. To clarify, by “something else” we mean a giant cock.

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