Here’s the Uncensored Pics of Justin Bieber Naked That You Didn’t Ask For Celebrities

Here’s the Uncensored Pics of Justin Bieber Naked That You Didn’t Ask For

Written by Daniel Villarreal on July 18, 2017
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[EDITOR’S NOTE (9/1/16): After some internal discussion, we have decided that Unicorn Booty will no longer publish celebrity nudes unless those shots are released with the celebrity’s clear consent. We apologize to Mr. Bieber and to our readers who value consent; it’s a principle we take seriously and we appreciate the commenters and fellow journalists who weighed in on our decision. We have left this article otherwise tact for transparency’s sake and as a record for our thinking at the time it occurred.]

For years, singer Justin Bieber has been teasing photographers with the possibility of revealing his junk: he’s appeared in several Calvin Klein underwear ads with nary a prominent bulge in sight, and recently he even sent Jet Skiing in wet white undies that seemed to promise a glimpse of them clinging to his sopping wet genitals. But alas, no such picture ever emerged… until today. Considering the recent release of Orlando Bloom’s naked pics, one wonders whether Bieber is just following a trend. Oh well, celebrity nudes have long been a way to get some free press and new fans, so enjoy!



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