Justin, Host of Mr. Gay Taiwan, is a Warrior For Gay Rights

Justin, Host of Mr. Gay Taiwan, is a Warrior For Gay Rights

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The third annual Mr. Gay Taiwan is happening this October 29! After three categories — formal wear, casual wear and swimwear — and a question round, the winner will be sent to the Mr. Gay World 2017 competition! We’re taking a look at the hosts and all the contestants. Mr. Gay Taiwan is proudly sponsored by the gay social app Hornet.

Pacak Palasasav (巴查克), better known as Justin,  is the host of this year’s Mr. Gay Taiwan! We thought we’d sit down with him for an interview about how he got involved with the organization and what the competition means for all of Taiwan.

Unicorn Booty: How easy do you think it’ll be hosting Mr. Gay Taiwan?

Pacak Palasasav: It’s not easy but it’s going to be worth it.

What makes Mr. Gay Taiwan worth it?

It’s not only about gay society, it’s about letting other people know our country. Also, through Mr. Gay Taiwan, the winner can use his influence to help legalize same sex marriage.

Why is the fight for gay rights so important?

Gay rights are human rights. I’m proud I’m gay and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been through a lot of things to become who I am now. I was alone and I don’t want other people to have that same feeling. As long as I live, I’ll be the warrior fighting for our rights and what I believe.

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