Unlike Trump, Canada’s Justin Trudeau Celebrates LGBT Pride Month

Unlike Trump, Canada’s Justin Trudeau Celebrates LGBT Pride Month

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Canada’s hunky Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrated Pride Month right by raising the rainbow and transgender flags above Parliament Hill. He promised to tackle the injustices faced by LGBTQ people. Would have been nice if Donald Trump followed suit.

Trudeau said during the flag raising ceremony, “Our government believes in equality and equal treatment for all Canadians.”

He continued: “That is why we are moving forward on legislation that makes it possible to erase the convictions of Canadians who were unjustly convicted of a crime – simply for who they were, or who they loved.”

“We will be introducing legislation on this later this year, and further we will acknowledge and apologize for the historical discrimination faced by LGBTQ2 Canadians. We are committed to apologizing in an inclusive and meaningful manner before the end of 2017.”

“I believe that it’s essential to make amends for past wrongs, and not to simply gloss over them. Our government believes in equality and equal treatment for all Canadians. We will passionately defend the rights of all our citizens regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

“Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are unacceptable. In Canada we’ve come a long way, but there is still work to be done, both here in Canada and around the world.”

Trudeau’s response is vastly different from President Donald Trump’s, who did not declare June LGBT Pride Month and who has yet to hold any ceremonies or events at the White House to commemorate. Instead, Trump did speak at an event full of anti-LGBTQ speakers like Pat Boone, Michael Medved and Ken Paxton.

On the other hand, Trudeau was joined by LGBTQ rights supporters and Parliamentarians at the flag raising ceremony, including his LGBT Special Advisor Randy Boissonnault.

Boissonnault added, “Today our government announced another vital step in addressing the painful history of discrimination against the LGBTQ2 communities. As Pride season commences, Canadians will honor the many victories over the forces of exclusion, intolerance, and hate.”

“We will also soberly acknowledge that there are many challenges still to overcome. I invite all Canadians to join in remembering the past, celebrating our progress, and working towards a better future.”

We hope Trump is watching.

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