Kameron Michaels Is Destined to Become the Thirst Trap of ‘Drag Race’ Season 10

Kameron Michaels Is Destined to Become the Thirst Trap of ‘Drag Race’ Season 10

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Right after last night’s episode of All Stars 3, the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 were announced. In a neon lit runway extravaganza, Mamma Ru introduced us to the 14 queens who will enter the workroom on March 22. While there were lots of fab girls in the bunch, there was one that stands out to us. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Kameron Michaels is a fishy queen in drag and a hunky snack out of it.

In her video interview, the 31-year-old queen explains how she got her drag name, the shade she has received for being so well-built and why she think she’s going to stand out this season on Drag Race.

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“I just wanted [a drag name] that was androgynous,” she says. “I didn’t want something hyper-feminine. A lot of people have told me I can’t do drag because I have muscles. Being a muscle queen means that I’m kind of crossing those boundaries between super-masculine and hyper-feminine.”

“I walk into the gym in a tank top and shorts and then come out of the drag closet looking like this,” Michaels says. “Kameron is a chameleon queen. She’s a little bit of old-school drag and a little bit of new-school drag mixed together. I like to do everything. I don’t like to box myself up into one type of queen.”

“Drag means the world to me,” she says. “I went through a recent breakup and I needed something to bring me back to life, and drag is always what does that for me. The breakup fueled the audition tape and here I am. … I think my edge in the competition is that I’m so diverse. I can be quirky and funny and stupid and weird but also be pretty. And then there’s the muscle queen thing, so I think that in itself makes me stand out. So yeah, I’m a chameleon, so watch out.”

Oh, we’re watching.

We took a deep dive into the Instagram of Kameron Michaels to show you why she’s destined to be the THOT of Drag Race Season 10.

Here’s what we found.














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