Read the Bizarre Trump Apology Letter a CBS Exec Wrote for Kathy Griffin

Read the Bizarre Trump Apology Letter a CBS Exec Wrote for Kathy Griffin

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It appears the backlash over Kathy Griffin‘s decapitated-Trump photo has subsided. The Secret Service exonerated her last month for the photo. But we’re still finding out how weird the situation got. And, considering that the Secret Service had to exonerate her for a photo of her holding up a clearly fake prop, it’s already pretty dang weird.

Yesterday, Griffin posted a picture of an email she received from a CBS executive. She redacted the personal information — but did say the sender is on CBS’ board of directors.

Holy sh*tballs! Please read entire letter. Not a joke. It's from a current member of the Board of Directors at CBS. NOT…

Posted by Kathy Griffin on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In the email, subject line “YOUR NEXT MOVE,” the unnamed executive demands that she send a letter (“NOT AN EMAIL” )the executive wrote on her behalf to President Trump without making any edits.

The CBS executive also tells her to “EXCLUSIVELY release the letter to Fox Broadcasting (DO NOT SEND TO THE OTHER NETWORKS).” (You’d think they’d want the scoop for their own network, but hey.)

The exec also implores Griffin not to call them to discuss it, but just to send the letter.

The letter itself is an obsequious mess. Not only does the very first sentence literally begs the President to read the letter, it includes a number of howlers.

“What I did was beyond being oblivious to humanity.” 

“Now with my world crumbling around me, I am listening for the first time about the great things you have done and are doing. How stupid I was to follow the lies from the ‘Left.’”

“How warped and misguided I was. My stupidity is overwhelming.”

Amusingly, though the executive told her “DON’T CHANGE A WORD OF IT” there are a number of typos:

“I have done a terrible thing and I have lost may [sic] career and my life.

And our favorite, from the last sentence: “Thank you sir for hearing meh [sic] plea.”

We do agree with the exec on one thing — this is a pretty meh plea.

In a move that surprised no one, Griffin did not “DO EXACTLY WHAT [they] HAVE WRITTEN.” Though at least the executive’s hour and a half of work writing the letter didn’t go to waste. Since Griffin’s Facebook post, more people than ever have read it.

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