Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony

Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony

Written by Kevin Farrell on March 11, 2011
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This picture was the first to appear in Google images. Just roll with it.

America’s shit-talkiest funniest ginger is headed to Broadway. With two Emmy awards under her belt, the comedienne has her eye on another famous piece of bronze – the Tony Award. Attention Palins, you’ve officially been given notice.

Her Broadway show, aptly titled “Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony” will run 8 days beginning in March. You can snatch up tickets at Telecharge.com. Let’s hope her Tony campaign goes better than her quest for a Grammy did! (Although, she was nominated for one in 2009. No small feat!)

Broadway World reports:

The site notes that “Double Emmy Award Winner Kathy Griffin is taking her stand-up comedy to Broadway in a show titled Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony and Broadway may never be the same again! Every night there will be fresh material due to the revolving door of pop culture, political and celebrity missteps. If you are in the market for an evening of laughter, swearing and negativity you’ve found the right show! ”

Kathy Griffin may be known as the quintessential D-list diva, but not afraid to dish on everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Cher. She has shopped for bikinis with Paris Hilton, screamed and cheered alongside the “Clay-mates,” and allegedly had a serious romantic relationship with Levi Johnston. You won’t, however, catch her riffing on the Jews, the lesbians, or Barbara Walters – this divine diva knows her limits! Kathy Griffin is a multi-faceted performer whose rapid-fire wit has garnered her multiple Emmy Awards and two Grammy Award nominations for Best Comedy Album.

To get you in the mood, take a peek at some Classic Kathy.

We’re big fans, but New York is a bit of a hike for us from Seattle. Are you planning on seeing Kathy live?

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