Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Bon Appétit’ Has Spawned Gay Outrage

Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Bon Appétit’ Has Spawned Gay Outrage

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Pop sensation and on-again, off-again ally Katy Perry has just released her new single “Bon Appétit” featuring Atlanta rap trio Migos to many fans’ dismay.

People are upset that Perry, who only a month ago was honored by the HRC with the National Equality Award, would feature Migos after the rap group came under fire for comments regarding ILoveMakonnen coming out as gay.

Migos has since apologized, stating their words were taken out of context. While the truth behind Migos’s apology is up for interpretation, the one thing that’s not up for debate is Perry’s history of LGBTQ blunders. From a twisted take on masculinity, sexuality and gender roles, to a queerbaiting dance hit, it will be interesting to see how Perry spins this situation.

Will this finally cement Perry’s status as the anything-but-LGBT-ally many have already come to know, or are people just blowing this out of proportion?

Check out some of the tweets in response to Katy Perry’s new single:

Some fans, though, have come to Katy Perry’s and Migos’s defense:

Here’s the single in question for you to listen to (or not). It’s arguably neither Katy Perry or Migos’s best work.



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