Katya’s Most Infamous Drag Looks Are For Sale on Ebay, and Fans Are Losing Their Minds

Katya’s Most Infamous Drag Looks Are For Sale on Ebay, and Fans Are Losing Their Minds

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Katya is currently having a garage sale on Ebay, where she’s selling some of the most precious gems in her drag queen closet. If you’re interested, you better hurry — the Katya Ebay sale ends soon.

Many of the items are things we have seen the drag goddess don before, from outfits she has worn on her Viceland show with Trixie Mattel, from signature looks she’s shown off onstage or on the red carpet.

Katya is such a drag icon because of her quintessentially quirky-yet-chic sense of style and fashion. Some of the items we’re eyeing on sale are the “Vintage Sourced Crochet Blouse Top Worn on The Urban Decay Makeup Tour,” “White Square Patch Mod Dress by Dallas Worn on Trixie & Katya Show Press Tour” and the “Vintage Black Dress Gown worn to the ALL STARS Season 2 FINALE.”

Fans have had various responses to her selling of these items. Some have noticed how skinny she is, saying, “If you weren’t such a skinny bitch we could talk about this, but alas.” While others noted that everything is a bit out of their budget: “Thanks for reminding me I’m broke.”

Katya’s Paisley Print Catsuit

In regarding his decision to go to rehab, he shared: “My dad actually said, ‘You do what’s right for you,’ and my mom said, ‘You better do it, bitch.’ I went voluntarily to rehab. I went to Serenity Care Center in Surprise, Arizona and they worked my worked my whole pussy out.”

The interviewer brings up that McCook had just taken a break from drag before his decision to go to rehab. “I couldn’t tell what was real and what was not real,” he said, saying he suffered from hallucinations. “Layers of self and reality were intermingling and the borders between what was real and not real were completely porous and indistinguishable.”

To grab some items from the Katya Ebay sale while you still can, head here.

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