Katya Opens Up About Going to Rehab: ‘I Couldn’t Tell What Was Real’

Katya Opens Up About Going to Rehab: ‘I Couldn’t Tell What Was Real’

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Katya just opened up about what caused her break from drag. She revealed she went to rehab after her hiatus began earlier this year. Katya, or Brian McCook, relapsed in Australia after All Stars 2 last year. He continued to do meth and suffered a “complete and total psychotic break from reality.” The Katya rehab interview was on the new podcast Whimsically Volatile.

In regarding to his decision to go to rehab, he shares: “My dad actually said, ‘You do what’s right for you,’ and my mom said, ‘You better do it, bitch.’ I went voluntarily to rehab. I went to Serenity Care Center in Surprise, Arizona and they worked my worked my whole pussy out.”

The interviewer brings up that McCook had just taken a break from drag before his decision to go to rehab. “I couldn’t tell what was real and what was not real,” he said, saying he suffered from hallucinations. “Layers of self and reality were intermingling and the borders between what was real and not real were completely porous and indistinguishable.”

He explains: “Hallucinations, visions, auditory hallucinations. Those are hysterical especially when they take place in the form of God.”


“It rocked my world,” he said. “I thought I just had a drug problem. No, Momma. Barbara, please. Please, Barbara: bring me the fax.”

When asked about his history with substance abuse, he says: “My whole life story is riddled with trials and tribulations and trauma.” Referring to this as a relapse, he shares that meth turned him into “a trollop, a tramp and a trickster.”

McCook confirmed he was detained by police this year. Landlords asked him to leave his home in Los Angeles for being a disturbance to others while on drugs.

McCook also shared a loved one almost put a restraining order against him and he tried to physically attack another person he loves very much.

“It was rock bottom.”


To listen to the entire Katya rehab interview, head here.


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