Keiynan Lonsdale from ‘The Flash’ TV Series Came Out as Bisexual on Instagram Comics

Keiynan Lonsdale from ‘The Flash’ TV Series Came Out as Bisexual on Instagram

Written by Daniel Villarreal on May 16, 2017
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Keiynan Lonsdale — a 25-year-old, Australian-born actor who appeared in the Divergent film series and plays Wally West (aka. Kid Flash) in the CW’s superhero series, The Flashcame out as bisexual yesterday on Instagram.

In his announcement post, he said:

I like to change my hair, I like to take risks with how I dress, I like girls, & I like guys (yes), I like growing, I like learning, I like who I am and I really like who I’m becoming. Spent way too many years hating myself, thinking I was less valuable because I was different.. which is just untrue.

A couple years ago I was able to accept myself, & it saved my life, but now I’ve gotten to a new road block & I feel kind of lost. I gotta take the next step & actually embrace who I am, which is pretty exciting. Not faking shit anymore, not apologising for falling in love with people no matter their gender. I’ve become bored of being insecure, ashamed, scared… no one should feel like that about themselves, especially when there is so much good life to live.

Ya know more & more I see so many young people being their best / truest selves, it’s fucking inspiring… so what have I been waiting for!? Who knows. Everyone in their own time. I hope we can all learn to embrace who we are & not judge people who aren’t exactly the same as us. The truth is we are all family, we’re all one. Just love. Keiy.

Flash Keiynan Lonsdale bisexual
The photo of Keiynan Lonsdale accompanying his coming out announcement

Lonsdale is only the most recent celebrity to come out via Instagram, a platform that allows celebs to share their experience in a direct and personalized way. Other recent Instagram comings out include pro-wrestler Anthony Bowens, Teen Wolf actor Charlie Carver and Country Music Television host Cody Alan.

In The Flash, Lonsdale’s character, Wally West, is the long lost brother of the main superhero’s love interest. At his outset, West is obsessed with car racing and the idea of gaining superheroic speed. After he finally gets his wish, West becomes Kid Flash and joins Team Flash and the scientists at Star Labs to help The Flash defeat evildoers. Kid Flash is seemingly heterosexual and has a girlfriend in the show.

In the original comic book series, West eventually replaced the original Flash, Barry Allen, after Allen died stopping a supervillain’s attempt to destroy several Earths in the 1985 series Crisis on Infinite Earths. It’s also worth noting that The Flash introduced one of DC Comic’s first ever gay heroes when the supervillain, The Pied Piper, gave up his evil ways, became a social justice champion and came out as gay in 1991 (Flash issue #53). You can see the comic panels of his coming out below:
The Flash bisexual Pied Piper 2

The Flash bisexual Pied Piper 1

The Pied Piper has appeared in the CW’s series but the character’s sexual identity remained undefined.

Lonsdale’s television career started in 2010 when he played the outspoken, opinionated, egotistic” and openly gay dancer Ollie Lloyd in the Australian TV series Dance Academy. His character falls in love with the show’s lead character, Sammy Lieberman, a character that later comes out as bisexual. Lloyd and Liberman date until Liberman dies; afterwards, Lloyd dates a movie star and dance student named Rhys O’Leary.

Here’s a picture of Lonsdale as Kid Flash:

Flash Keiynan Lonsdale bisexual 04

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